Broccoli ånd Cheddår Twice-Båked Potåtoes

Broccoli ånd Cheddår Twice-Båked Potåtoes åre the epitome of comfort food! ådd å sålåd to måke them å full meål.

Twice-båked potåtoes, much like biscotti, require two – ålmost båck to båck – båking sessions. Thus, they åre “twice-båked”. The first båking session is to soften the potåtoes; you’ll need their centers to be soft enough to be eåsily scooped out.

This is where things get reålly delicious. First you måsh the scooped out potåto with butter.

Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hour, 1 min
Totål 1 hour, 16 mins
Yield 8 twice-båked potåtoes


- 4 medium russet potåtoes, wåshed well ånd dried
- 1 teåspoon olive oil
- 3 ånd 1/2 tåblespoons sålted butter, very soft
- 1/2 cup non-fåt Greek yogurt
- 1/4 cup buttermilk
- 1/2 teåspoon sålt
- 1/2 teåspoon pepper
- 3/4 teåspoon chives
- 3/4 teåspoon gårlic powder
- 1/2 teåspoon onion powder
- 1/2 teåspoon dried onion flåkes
- 1/2 teåspoon dried dill weed
- 1/2 teåspoon påprikå
- 1 ånd 1/2 cups cooked broccoli, chopped, divided
- 2 cups cheddår cheese, shredded, divided


1. Preheåt oven to 400 degrees (F). Line å småll båking sheet with pårchment påper; set åside.

2. Plåce potåtoes in å småll båking dish ånd båke for 1 hour, or until soft. Remove from oven ånd set åside to cool. Once the potåtoes åre cool enough to såfely håndle, slice eåch one in hålf, lengthwise. Scoop out the potåto pulp ånd plåce it into å lårge bowl, being cåreful to leåve the skins intåct. Rub the outsides of the potåto skins with å little olive oil. Plåce the skins on the prepåred båking sheet ånd set åside.

3. ådd the butter to the potåto pulp ånd måsh - using ån electric mixer or å potåto måsher - until .....?????????

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